Drainage pumps

Reliable drainage pumps with flat suction to 3 mm by dismounted suction basket. Applicable for pumping polluted water with grain passage up to ø 10 mm. Motor with built in thermal protection. Available with or without floating switch or entirely incorporated level regulation with acoustic flood alarm. Motorcasing and spindle complete in corrosion-resistant steel. Pump casing in polypropylene.
Submersible pumps for most divergent applications. Applicable for industry or private use. To mount in vertical or horizontal position. The pump is suitable to pump slightly polluted fluid of 90°C for a short time (3 min.). Pumping light chemical polluted fluids is uncomplicated. These pumps are provided with 3 mechanical seals.
 Pump controls
Pump controls are used where higher demands for a pump installation are required. Pump controls are suitable for switching on and off more pumps. Acoustic or optical signal monitor the installation. At tension break down, power supply is well-cared-for by an accumulator (storage-battery).