Industrial applications

 Synchronous Technology
Electrically commutated Hanning synchronous motors in sizes 56 to 132, with varying performance categories up to 7.5 kW. The motors are mainly characterized by a compact design, high efficiency and an application specific layout. Hanning Synchronous motors are available with and without enclosures. They feature variable speed settings, total stability and a high tolerance against any possible load fluctuation. Read more: download PDF.
 Linear actuators
High acceleration values, positioning accuracy, almost wearfree operation, high force density and low cogging forces are characteristic for Hanning Linear actuators. They are available in two sizes and five widths with nominal forces between 100 N and 3500 N. The compact design is achieved by an innovative winding technique in the primary stage. Read more: download PDF.
 Frequency inverter DriveCCI
DriveCCI is available in protection class IP00 or IP20 up to    3.0 kW. The basic power stages for all single- and three-phase inverters, designed according to the mains and power output, can be combined with various control stages. As an option, an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) can be integrated to ensure compliance with standard EN 61000-3-2 for single-phase mains supply up to 240 V. Read more: download PDF.
 Frequency inverter DriveMCI
DriveMCI series is based on several power stages in two sizes. The frequency inverters are available up to 2.2 kW (single-phase) and up to 4.0 kW (three-phase). They are equipped with either a 16- of 32-bit microprocessor, which ensure perfect interaction between control, drive and frequency inverter. DriveMCI frequency converters can be quickly and easily adapted to customer-specific appliccations. Read more: download PDF.
 Frequency inverter DriveLPI
DriveLPI, equiped with a power and interface card, is available up to 0.37 kW as a single-phase unit in open design. The universal interface provides connection for a PLC, IPC or customer-specific solutions for controlling the inverter. A serial RS485-interface and a connection for the HANNING HBT operation unit are integrated on the power card. Usable with its basic configuration even without an interface board. Read more: download PDF.
 Electronic starter DriveSAS
The DriveSAS electronic starters for single-phase asynchronous motors are available in two variants, 100 to 120V and 200 to 240V. They cover all motor powers, voltages and frequencies. Drive SAS switches off the starting capacitor depending on either speed or time. Because of the electronic design, reliable and stable operation can be ensured even under mains- and or load fluctuations. Read more: download PDF.
Varicon combines a three-phase AC motor and a frequency inverter. Varicon is available for all common fieldbus systems. The default setting is optimized for general operation, drive parameters are preset and it is equipped with complete radio interference suppression. An integrated separate fan guarantees sufficient cooling. Thanks to its integrated control, Varicon can be used for decentralized process control in many different applications and industries. Available in IEC sizes BG 80-100 and power up to 3.0 kW. Read more: download PDF.
 Industrial Motors
Hanning Industrial motors are available from size 56 to 132 in foot and flange design (FT and FF). The 2-, 4- and 6-pole motors reach speeds of 3000/1500/1000 r.p.m. at 50 Hz rated frequency and up to a power of 7,5 kW. As standard the motors are delivered in protection class IP54 and insulation class F. Hanning Industrial motors meet all actual requirements and are suitable for worldwide application. Read more: download PDF.
 Frameless Motors
HANNING’s frameless squirrel-cage motors are maintenance free and mainly characterised by their rugged design. They are available as single-phase AC motor up to 2.2 kW and three-phase AC motor up to 7,5 kW. As standard, frameless motors have protection class F. The compact and powerful drives are used mainly in the appliance industry due to the low generation of noise and the low weight, but also in other industrial applications. Naturally, these motors are applicable with HANNING frequency converters. Read more: download PDF.
 Oil-immersed Motors
The HANNING oil-immersed motors are 2- and 4-pole three-phase AC motors up to 5.5 kW. Variants for single-phase and/or special voltages are available. The standard oil-immersed motor is frame size B3 / B14, with rolling bearings, protection class F and connection cables. Thanks to its compact design and direct mounting options, the drive offers a cost-efficient and space saving solution for hydraulic systems. Power output twice as high, in compare to a standard motor with the same size. Read more: download PDF.
 Rotary-field magnet as standstill motor
One of the remarkable features of the rotary-field magnet, a special three-phase asynchronous motor, is its suitability for continuous operation with standstill torque. Beiing very robust and low in maintenance the rotary-field magnet can, among others, be used as winding motor or as supporting additional drive in the textile or cable industry, or it can also be applied for moving and fixing mechanical elements in changing positions. Standstill torque up to 35 Nm. Read more: download PDF.
 Smooth Housing Motors
The HANNING smooth housing motor is characterized through its special housing as well as having a wide range of motor versions. The cooling of the fanless drive is carried out solely by convention. The smooth housing without cooling fans makes cleaning easy, which brings particular advantages in the food processing and chemical industry. The robust motors are available in frame size 56 with a power range up to 115 W. Read more: download PDF.