HANNING ELEKTRO-WERKE certified for sustainable management and practice

HANNING ELEKTRO-WERKE recently received the “Assured Sustainability” seal of approval. The awarding institute granted the “Assured Sustainability” seal of approval for 2013 after thoroughly evaluating and assessing the company.

In 2012 HANNING participated for the first time in the certification process that involves a multiple phase assessment. In this context, an enterprise’s sustainability is assessed with regard to three areas: Ecological sustainability entails, among other things, climate protection, a sustainable approach to the use of natural resources and the environment. Economic sustainability focuses on how management is conducted in terms of establishing a secured basis for trade and prosperity and protecting economic resources. Social sustainability, on the other hand, concentrates on the overall development of the entire community. After all, a harmonious involvement of social partners guarantees a viable and livable community over the long term. The main idea behind sustainability is to safeguard the future viability of the environment and the community. The way we live and work nowadays should not limit the opportunities future generations may have in enjoying freedom and prosperity. Sustainable practices are distinguished, among other factors, by ensuring that renewable resources and efficient technologies are utilized and that the workforce that is employed comes from the region. logocertificaat